Sector for Toll Collection

Sector for Toll Collection performs the activities of tolling, toll supervision (video surveillance, analytics and control), transport and protection of money and structures, as well as administrative-technical and other activities related to the activities of the Sector.

Sector for Toll Collection consists of the following departments:

  1. Department for Tolling Supervision
  2. Department for Operative Tolling
  3. Department for Electonic Toll Collection
  4. Department for Joint Affairs

Public Enterprise “Roads of Serbia”, via the Sector for Toll Collection, charges the motorway usage (toll). Toll collection is performed in closed and open toll collection systems.

Today, toll is collected on motorways of a total length of 645 km, through automatic technical toll collection system. The system consists of 47 toll stations.

In the closed toll collection system toll collection is performed per kilometer travelled. Toll price is defined based on three criteria: toll price per kilometer, vehicle category and distance of road travelled. The closed toll collection system is applied on the following motorway sections:
- Belgrade-Niš
- Belgrade-Šid
- Belgrade-Subotica

In the closed toll collection system, upon traffic entering, road user receives magnetic card at entrance toll station and hands it over to toll collector at exit toll station, and based on this card the toll is being charged.

In the open toll collection system, toll price is defined in advance for every toll station on certain motorway section. Toll station is both entrance and exit toll station at the same time. The open toll collection system is applied on the following motorway sections:

Road users who are paying toll by means of device for electronic toll collection should use passages with marks indicating this method of payment (ENP/ETC) and they do not take the magnetic card.

Users are enabled to choose by themselves the method of toll payment on all toll stations:


To the user of motorway for whom it is determined:

  • that he/she does not own a document – magnetic card;
  • that he/she could not enter the motorway at the location indicated in the document;
  • that payment has already been performed according to that document;
  • that the document is older than 24 hours;
  • that the document is damaged in such a manner that charging is prevented,
the longest route of section concerned will be calculated and charged on the spot, increased by costs of extraordinary procedure, in accordance with the Rulebook on paying special fee (toll) for  state road (motorways and semi-motorways) usage in the Republic of Serbia (no.: 953-4846/14-14 dated 25.03.2014).

Map of Tool Stations