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Agreement between the PE “Roads of Serbia” and the City of Belgrade has enabled the citizens of the municipalities of Mladenovac, Grocka and Sopot free use of a certain motorway section depending of their place of residence.

City ticket is issued to natural persons with residence in the city municipalities: Mladenovac, Sopot and Grocka, who possess a motor vehicle of the first category. All family members are entitled to have a City ticket whose residence is on the same address as the residence of the City ticket owner, provided that they use the same vehicle. City ticket depends on the place of residence of the applicant and is valid only for the destination stated on and in it. Decision of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade specifies that the user can have only one city ticket.

When entering the motorway, owner of the city ticket must take a magnetic ticket from the ticket distributing device and when exiting the motorway he must give it to the toll booth operator and show the city ticket.

Documents required for issuing the City ticket:

  •  Filled in request
  • Printed data contained in the ID card chip
  • Printed data contained in the vehicle registration card chip
  • Applicant’s photo in the resolution of 450x530 pixels, in electronic form via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on a CD
  • Proof of payment to PE “Roads of Serbia” account no.: 105-4681-51, the first copy of payment order
  • When replacing the city ticket, the user must return all previous (old) city tickets

Sample of payment order form:

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Prava i obaveze korisnika gradske karte:
  1. The city ticket owner is exempt from paying the special motorway fee (toll) on the listed road section and the pertaining sections.

  2. The city ticket owner shall take a magnetic ticket when entering the motorway and submit it to the toll booth operator when exiting the motorway as well as submit the city ticket for inspection.

  3. The city card owner who used the road section outside the boundaries of the listed section, shall be charged the magnetic card fee, regardless of the city ticket.

  4. The city card owner shall be calculated and charged the longest equivalent road section fee with extraordinary procedure costs if they arrive at the toll collection point without a magnetic card, with a damaged magnetic card, or with a card older than 24 hours.

  5. The city card is valid only with the owner present in the vehicle.

Request for issuance of the City ticket with supporting documents shall be sent by mail or  delivered in person to the address: JP „Putevi Srbije“, ul. Ustanička, br.64/15th floor, Beograd 11050

For all additional information on terms of use of City ticket please contact our User Service Center