PE “Roads of Serbia” is informing that motorways and all state roads of I and II category, as well as roads accessing border crossings and mountain resorts are passable for traffic.

III degree of deployment of workforce, machinery and equipment used for snow ploughing and removal of ice, is currently in effect, in order to secure a normal traffic flow on the state road network.
We would like to point out that the deployment of machinery may be even bigger in cases of natural disasters and the level of their force, and road workers are ready to act accordingly, depending on the development of the situation in the field.
Due to intense snowfall, on certain I and II category state roads on the territories of Užice, Valjevo, Novi Pazar and Kruševac, traffic closure is in effect for heavy vehicles.

We would like to draw the public’s attention to a big problem for traffic flow, caused by heavy vehicles and trucks and their reckless drivers, who go on their journey without winter equipment, i.e. with summer tyres, which are defective.

PE “Roads of Serbia” is appealing to drivers not to start their journey without winter equipment and chains, which are obligatory in hilly and mountainous areas, and also obey the speed limits and adapt their speed to the road conditions.