01.04.19. The bridge “Ostružnički most” sailed towards its final destination

PE “Roads of Serbia” is informing that the lifting of the prefabricated segment of the steel structure, 80 m of length and more than 500 t of weight, of the future bridge “Ostružnički most” started today.

This is a unique structural endeavour in which the steel structure was constructed as bridge structure in the shipyard and after the technical acceptance it was transformed into the vessel heading towards its final destination.

Today, the structure was placed in the operating position between the piers S1 and S2, on the left bank of the river Sava, where it is anchored and positioned for lifting.

All necessary activities for the lifting of the structure were performed, including the placement of the “woven” cables, cut service tools for push-pull of the vessel, placed surveying levels for monitoring the behaviour of the structure and support structures – tools....

The Program for structure lifting consists of three phases, as follows:

In the first phase, the structure is lifted for the third of its own weight and the behaviour of elements is monitored as foreseen in the Program for Structure Lifting, which was done today.

After determining that the behaviour of the structure and the tools is pursuant to the Program, additional third of own weight is added and the cycle of monitoring the behaviour repeats, which is the second phase, while the third phase of the lifting will start when the structure is entirely up in the air and brought to its final position.

After the placement of the first segment is finished, the second segment will also be launched and transported, and after the repeated operations the third segment of the structure will follow.

The statement of the supervisor of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Dragan Jocić about the activities performed today and video material – cover can be downloaded from: