01.07.20. “Roads of Serbia” and promotion of electronic toll collection

PE "Roads of Serbia" is informing that during the following weekend, on 4th and 5th July, 2020, electronic toll collection will be promoted at the authorized distributors’ sales points (attachment: map)

  • company "Petrol" d.o.o., on the motorway Novi Sad – Belgrade, on the petrol station Stara Pazova, in the period from 09:00 tо 15:30;
  • company OMV, on the motorway Šid – Beograd, at Sremska Mitrovica, on the petrol station "Martinci 1", in the period from 09:30 tо 15:30.

Employees of the PE "Roads of Serbia", Sector for Toll Collection, are going to present to all interested visitors the device for electronic toll collection, show the advantages of its usage, enable the purchase or topping-up of the device.  

All those attending shall be informed on the news from the area of electronic toll collection, mobile phone application, electric chargers and other topicalities, with the aim of improving the toll collection system.

Use electronic toll collection because it enables the quickest passage through toll stations without delay, significantly shortens travelling time and represents a cheaper method of toll payment.

Appreciate your time, use ETC!

PE "Roads of Serbia"