02.06.20. Presentation of Energy Management System in PE “Roads of Serbia”

A lecture and training of employees on the energy management system have been held in the PE “Roads of Serbia” as part of the preparation for the certification and implementation of the Energy Management System, as one of the main components of socially responsible business operation.  

Energy management will, through monitoring and assessment of energy usage and consumption and implementation of energy efficiency measures, provide saving of energy and resources, enable long-term protection of environment and better economic sustainability of working processes.

The implementation and integration of the standard SRPS ISO 50001:2018, specifying requirements for establishment, appliance, maintenance and improvement of the energy management system, is the basis for the development of action plans and setting goals for energy consumption.

The Department for Energy Management, as a separate organizational unit of the Sector for Strategy, Designing and Development, is responsible for the implementation of the standard in the PE “Roads of Serbia”, with the support and coordination of the Department for integrated management systems of the Sector for Traffic Management Information Systems and the expert consultant prof. Vojislav Božanić, PhD., MSc ME.

Promotion of importance, conducting and obeying regulations from the field of energy management requires an active role of all sectors in the PE “Roads of Serbia“, as well as training of employees through courses, motivation and change of habits for the purpose of the same or better business results with less energy consumption.