E “Roads of Serbia” is ready and organized for the upcoming weekend in August, one of the most frequent in the summer season, when higher traffic volume is expected on Serbian motorways.

We have intensified the work on toll stations and all tolling gates, ticket distribution gates and electronic toll collection gates (ETC) are operational 24 hours a day without a break, while the increased number of toll booth operators provide an undisturbed passing of vehicles on motorways in the Republic of Serbia.

We timely inform motorway users and traffic participants on possible delays at toll stations, traffic closures, the state of the road network and other significant information useful for safe and undisturbed traffic flow by using our Website www.putevi-srbije.rs, mobile phone application “Roads of Serbia”, social networks as well as on variable message signs on gantries placed along motorways.

We appeal to all traffic participants to pay maximum attention and be patient while driving!

PE “Roads of Serbia” appeals to drivers to start their journey fresh, especially on long distances, during the morning hours when air temperatures are more convenient for driving, to pay attention to road works, adapt their speed to the road conditions and obey speed limits and the existing traffic signage.

PE “Roads of Serbia” wishes a safe journey to all participants in traffic!