03.01.19. Appeal of the PE „Roads of Serbia“ regarding snowfalls

The PE „Roads of Serbia“ appeals to all traffic participants to be especially cautious because of formation of snow cover, snow flurries and snow drifts which are anticipated on certain road routes due to strong wind.

Formation of snow cover is expected to occur in the territory of western, south-western and central Serbia, mostly in mountainous regions, as well as in the Belgrade area.

Winter Service headquarters and teams of road workers are operational 24 hours a day, intervening in the field and sprinkling critical sections in order to provide safe road traffic.

The PE „Roads of Serbia“ appeals to all drivers not to start their journey unless it's necessary, and in case they decide to get underway, they are obliged to have winter equipment and chains in hilly and mountainous terrains, and to obey the speed limits and adjust their speed to the road conditions.

Statement of Zoran Stojisavljević, Manager of the Winter Service headquarters and the Executive Director of the Sector for Maintenance of I and II Category State Roads, regarding condition and passability of state roads may be downloaded at the following link: http://www.putevi-srbije.rs/index.php/en/gallery/video-gallery/03-01-19-izjava-zoran-stojisavljevic-stanje-na-putevima