Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Prof. Zorana Mihajlović, PhD, has held a meeting with the investor, the contractors, the supervisor and the chief designer at the camp site in Pakovraće, regarding the construction of the section of the motorway “Miloš Veliki“ from Prеljina to Požеga. The meeting was attended by the director of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Zoran Drobnjak, the director of the Chinese company “CRBC” in Serbia, Zhang Xiaoyuan, and the Mayor of Čačak, Milun Todorović.

Mihajlović has pointed out that it is one of the most significant projects in Serbia, reminding of the promise given to the President of the Republic of Serbia by the director of “CRBC” that the section from Prеljina to Požеga will be completed by the end of next year.

“We are watching over this section day and night because we know how difficult it is and how big a challenge it is for all of us. I am sure that everything will be done in a manner that is bound to be the best one. Not to talk about the significance of the project for the connection of Serbia with the region, for Čačak which is becoming the centre of Serbia, considering the motorways passing through this city. Also, by the end of next year, Moravian Corridor will connect Kruševac with Pojate  in the length of 27 km. It is important that the citizens of Serbia and Čačak and the Morava District as well, know that work is done 24 hours a day here and that, in December next year, this section will be completed”, Mihajlović said.

Minister Mihajlović has pointed out that today in Serbia 63,000 construction sites are active, with more than 7,000 workers on the largest of them all, which is extremely important for the further growth and development of our country. She has deemed the meeting good and that, accordingly, certain things will be more active and a lot more is expected to be seen on the tunnels themselves in a couple of months. The Deputy Prime Minister has thanked the contractor for realizing how important it is for Serbia that projects are completed quickly and for working much faster than agreed.  

Zoran Drobnjak, the Acting Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, the investor in this project, has reminded how difficult this section is, that it demands complex technology because of the large number of tunnels and bridges on this section, whose completion will significantly increase traffic safety since difficult parts of the route through the Ovčar-Kablar gorge will be avoided. Drobnjak has emphasized that, with the completion of this part of the motorway, people will arrive at Zlatibor half an hour earlier.

The director of the Chinese company “CRBC” in Serbia, Zhang Xiaoyuan, has thanked the Deputy Prime Minister for arranging the meeting at the site camp and for the participation of all key stakeholders from this important project in the process of resolving the open issues. Zhang has expressed confidence that the project will be completed on time and that the motorway will bring new investments and a better quality of life for the citizens in that region and the entire Serbia.

The Mayor of Čačak, Milun Todorović, has pointed out the importance of the motorway for Western Serbia because it will, beside the development of economic potentials, provide relief for the city and the bypass around Čačak. He added that the construction of this motorway and Moravian Corridor will make Čačak a great infrastructure hub.