The PE “Roads of Serbia” expresses its deepest condolences to families of people killed in severe traffic accident on the section Niš-Priština, in the territory of Kuršumlija municipality.

Regarding the announcements of certain media saying that I B Category state road No. 35, section Niš-Priština, in the territory of Kuršumlija municipality is in a bad condition, and calling it “a road of death”, as well as that this road causes frequent traffic accidents, the PE “Roads of Serbia” informs the public about the following:

I B Category state road No. 35, section Niš-Priština, is in a decent condition, with high-quality carriageway and properly placed traffic signage and equipment.
It was rehabilitated for the last time in 2017, and this rehabilitation amounted RSD 145,900,000.00.

For the purpose of informing the public, we have invested in the municipality of Kuršumlija a total amount of RSD 643,413,109.12 for the period 2015-2018, while in the same period we have invested in Toplica district and maintenance and repair of its certain road routes a total amount of RSD 1,076,275,027.19.
We are planning to invest into maintenance of I and II category state roads of the municipality of Kuršumlija RSD 38,500,000.00, while the investment in Toplica district will be RSD 110,310,000.00.

The competent institutions are working on investigation of cause and criminal liability which have resulted in severe traffic accident where five people lost their lives.
The PR “Roads of Serbia” and professional teams are engaged in regular control and check of state roads and their facilities, but because of this situation it will perform also an extraordinary control of the section in question, and if needed, it will provide its suggestions to competent institution about a reduction of allowed speed limits to the lowest possible.
In addition to abovementioned, it will also initiate discussions with the local self-government in order to make joint decisions which will influence increase of safety of all traffic participants.
The PE “Roads of Serbia” appeals to all traffic participants to bear in mind their own and safety of others, and to obey traffic regulations, adapt their speed to the road conditions, and not to remove or demolish traffic signage, and thus endanger traffic safety.