Regarding the announced protests of the citizens of the city Municipality of Surčin on Sunday in Jakovo, due to the alleged problems “caused by poor planning of access roads and connections to the motorway”, PE “Roads of Serbia” informs the public and the citizens of the city Municipality of Surčin that there is an authorized Urban Design for constructing access roads to “Miloš Veliki” motorway, and among other issues, anticipates the construction of the section Novi Beograd-Surčin.

Access road to Jakovo, located on the section Surčin-Obrenovac, will be constructed as a part of the construction of the section Novi Beograd-Surčin, for which a commercial contract has been signed and whose construction will start in March 2020.

Based on the conclusion of the Committee for professional control which reviewed the documents, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure issued the confirmation to state that the Urban Design was not contrary to the spatial planning of E-763 motorway, spatial planning of the city Municipality of Surčin as well as to the provisions of the Law on Planning and Construction, which will enable the construction of the access road which was required in the petitions signed by the residents of the seven villages of the Municipality of Surčin.

This way it will be enabled for the residents of the settlement Jakovo to get access to the motorway “Miloš Veliki” and it is expected from the city Municipality of Surčin to inform the residents of this settlement about the previous and planned activities concerning the connection onto the motorway “Miloš Veliki”.