05.01.19. Appeal of the PE „Roads of Serbia“ regarding weather conditions and increased traffic volume

The PE „Roads of Serbia“ appeals to all traffic participants to be especially cautious because of black ice and potential fog, as well as increased traffic flow predicted for the upcoming holiday weekend.

There is a third degree of readiness in the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia, and all disposable mechanization is in the field 24 hours a day, while the teams of road workers are intervening in order to enable safe traffic flow.

The PE „Roads of Serbia“ appeals to all traffic participants not to start their journey unless it's necessary, and in case they decide to get underway, they are obliged to have winter equipment and chains in hilly and mountainous regions, as well as to obey speed limits and to adapt their speed to the road conditions.

Detailed information on road conditions, eventual traffic restrictions, landslides, fog, ice and passes on critical sections on the state roads of the Republic of Serbia are available in a real time, every day  at 6:00  and 18:00 , and even more frequently in case of extraordinary circumstances, at the web presentation of the PE „Roads of Serbia“ at the following link: izveštaj zimske službe.