PE “Roads of Serbia” is informing that intensified traffic is expected during the upcoming weekend on the motorways in Serbia.

Intensified traffic is also expected on the section from Doljevac to Preševo, on which the manual toll collection will be organized in maximum time intervals of 1-2 hours a day in order to prevent bigger delays on toll plazas when the waiting time is longer than 15 minutes.

Manual toll collection is performed pursuant to the “Manual on Special Toll Collection for the Use of a Road or a Road Structure” in cases of interrupted power supply, technical malfunction on the toll collection system and in the cases of intensified traffic, in order to speed up the passage of the vehicles through toll stations, because, that way, additional number of vehicles passing through the toll station is enabled, which is the situation with the toll station Doljevac.

PE “Roads of Serbia” appeals to all participants in traffic to obey the speed limit, to drive very carefully and to adapt their speed to the road conditions.