2nd May, 2021, was a regular Easter festivity day at the toll station Lajkovac, on the motorway “Miloš Veliki“. Increased traffic intensity and continual work in full capacity, with kind, cordial and patient communication with the users. Thanks to the good organization, the day was passing in an effective manner and traffic flow was uninterrupted.

Around 14:00h, not far from the toll payment booth where Jelena Sinđelić was working at that moment, a Chevrolet Cruze stops. The door opens, a man tries to get out, but falls down next to the vehicle.

Jelena immediately rushes to help and at that moment another battle for life begins.

While calling the ambulance, Jelena spots one ambulance vehicle approaching the toll station. She reacts quickly and cleverly and stops them. She brings the doctor and the nurse immediately to the ill man. On the doctor’s advice, she pours water on the man’s head and keeps the infusion all the time above his head.

Thanks to Jelena’s quick response and the ambulance help, Nenad Pavlović, who had a heart attack, will celebrate that day as a second birthday.

“I really don’t know how to thank that girl! She saved my life!!!”, Mr. Pavlović excitedly begins his story, continuing: “I was driving along the motorway “Miloš Veliki“ from Belgrade to Ljig and when I approached the exit for Lajkovac, I felt sick. I felt a strong pain in the chest, arms and legs, diziness, nausea and a lack of oxygen. I barely managed to open the door and collapsed…“

Nenad Pavlović  will never forget that day, but neither will Jelena, as well as the other employees of the PE “Roads of Serbia” – Another battle for life has been won!

The humanity and courage of  Jelena Sinđelić, her responsibility and devotion to human life make all the employees of the PE “Roads of Serbia” proud.