09.08.2019 Beginning of works on section Rabe - state border with Hungary

The works on the rehabilitation of II B category state road no. 302 from Rabe to the state border with Hungary, in the length of 1,367m, whose finalization will create conditions for the opening of a new border crossing, have started in accordance with the plan and they are successfully progressing.

The rehabilitation of the road is carried out within the joint infrastructure project of Serbia and Hungary - "Development of a Road Border Crossing at Kübekháza (HU) - Rabe (SRB) area" financed from the Interreg IPA funds.

"The construction of the road and connecting with the section that the colleagues from the Hungarian National Infrastructure Agency have completed will also signify a successfully implemented Cross border cooperation project of Serbia and Hungary. The new border crossing will significantly improve the exchange in this area", executive director of the Sector for strategy, design and development of the PE "Roads of Serbia", Biljana Vuksanović said at the beginning of works.

The project is implemented through cooperation among the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, PE "Roads of Serbia", PE "Urban Institute of Vojvodina" and the Hungarian National Infrastructure Agency.

The director of PE "Urban Institute of Vojvodina" has praised the collaboration with PE "Roads of Serbia" and other partners on the Project stating that the planned deadline for the completion of works was the end of September.

The finalization of works will create conditions for opening new roads and a new border crossing, which will improve mobility, quality of transport and economic and cultural activities of the border settlements at the three-border point of Hungary, Serbia and Romania.