PE “Roads of Serbia” is informing that yesterday, in early evening hours, lifting of the segment of steel structure 80 m long, 12 m wide and 6 m high with total weight of 550 tons was completed, as defined in the third phase of the Program for structure lifting for the construction of the left carriageway of the bridge No. 8 over the river Sava near Ostružnica.

The beginning of the third phase implies the moment of taking over the entire weight of the precast piece, its lifting to the height of 18 m (height of six-floor building) and precise fitting between the already existing precast segments on piers pursuant to the adequate fall and level of the structure.

As a reminder, it is a precast element constructed in the shipyard and transformed into the vessel, and after all tests it was launched into the water and finally pulled to the placement location, rotated in the direction of the placement on the lifting location, liberated from all vessel parts and equipment and taken over with ropes on four positions (with the span of 80 m).

The news would sound as any other news of such nature if this endeavour did not belong to unique accomplishments of our civil engineering, i.e. bridges construction.

Specificity of this endeavour is the nature of the Program for lifting of this structure. Namely, participants in the construction – Employer, Designer, Contractor and Supervisor consisted the operative team and with passion of creation, eyes wide open, experience and knowledge, second after second, minute after minute and hour after hour, each with own duties they observed, monitored and controlled the forces in tendons and presses, lifting size, deflections, deformations and stresses of the structure itself, yoke and support tools and informed the central unit about these issues, which was manipulating the structure.

After the lifting that lasted for sixteen hours, the structure was brought to its final, spatially defined position, accepted, locked and ready for final connection with the remaining part of the structure.

Such an endeavour is possible only when all the participants in the construction act together in a unique manner, consistently, when they are operative, experienced and with the required knowledge and skills for this type of works.

Applause, shouts, congratulations and hugs marked the successful end of the third phase!

Tired and happy faces of the construction workers are the best sign that Serbian civil engineering possesses the power, knowledge and potential for big creations!

The statement of the supervisor of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Dragan Jocić and the Video material – cover can be downloaded from: