11.08.20. Visiting works on construction of takeoff and landing runway at Pranjani airport and memorial complex “Halyard”

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlović, PhD,  and the Acting Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia“, Zoran Drobnjak, today visited the works on the construction of a takeoff and landing runway at the Pranjani airport and on the development of the memorial complex “Halyard“.

Minister Mihajlović has pointed out that, in this way, once again, not only do we show the friendship of two peoples, the American and the Serbian people, but that we should also be proud of the people from this region, who, in the difficult years of 1944 and 1945, guarded, treated and helped the allied pilots evacuate. 

Mihajlović has announced that Gornji Milanovac will soon get a slip road entering the motorway “Miloš Veliki" and that the project documentation will be completed by the end of the year. That investment will cost us 17.5 million euros.

The road in question is a modern one, with two lanes in the length of 10 kilometres from Gornji Milanovac to the interchange Takovo, with the construction of a completely new road in the length of five kilometres, which will not go through the city.

The minister has also stated that the motorway from Preljina to Požega will be completed by December 2021 and reminded that this section is 30 km long and costs 450 million euros, pointing out the great importance of the road for the development of this region in Serbia. “Approximately one billion dinars is invested every year in road maintenance only in this part of Serbia. All parts of Serbia shall be remembered and that is why we are starting a new project for 5,000 km of roads in Serbia which will be reconstructed next year, with around 200 km of local roads in this part alone", she added.

Director Zoran Drobnjak said on this occasion that, thanks to the cooperation with the Government of Serbia and the line ministry, next year the reconstruction of the road from Takovo to Pranjani, in the length of 30 kilometres, will commence, and that this year will also see the reconstruction of the local road from Koštunići to Pranjani, 1.7 kilometres long.