Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlović, PhD, has, at the PE”Roads of Serbia” camp, held a meeting with the investor, contractor and subcontractors regarding the construction of the Belgrade bypass, the section from Ostružnica to Bubanj potok. The meeting was also attended by the director of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Zoran Drobnjak, the Director General of the Chinese company “Power China” in Serbia, Yang Bo and the economic advisor in the embassy of the PRC in Serbia, Tang Xiaodong.

After the meeting, Mihajlović said that the goal – the completion of the bypass on schedule, with the completion of one part even before the scheduled deadline - would be accomplished through joint efforts by the end of this year. “Although the deadline was set for the next year, Belgrade will have 7.7 km of bypass constructed by the end of 2020, from the bridge Ostružnica to the interchange Orlovača. Each kilometre we finish and open for traffic is important for the reduction of congestion in Belgrade, one of the rare European cities that don’t have bypasses, minister Mihajlović pointed out and added that 16 to 17 thousand cars use this section every day. She has announced that on Monday a meeting will be held regarding the resumption of construction of the bypass section from Bubanj potok to Pančеvo and added: “This is team work, where the Ministry and the entire country monitor every project because they are important and I hope that, together with the President Alеksandar Vučić, who officially opened these works, we will open this section for traffic.”

Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Zoran Drobnjak, said that this was one of the priority and, at the same time, very demanding projects which have to be finished, also because of the large number of heavy trucks driving on that section. Drobnjak has emphasized the importance of complying with technology and procedures and resolving of all issues related to the land expropriation.

Tang Xiaodong said that the project was important not only for Belgrade, but for the entire Serbia and that he expected its completion as soon as possible. “We started the works in September 2018 and, thanks to the support of the Deputy Prime Minister, everything is going according to plan and the planned deadlines, while the meeting is a part of regular activities during which open issues and further work are discussed”, Tang said.

Director General of “Power of China” in Serbia, Yang Bo, on behalf of the contractor, thanked the Deputy Prime Minister for the support during the realization of this project. “We have been putting in great efforts to finish the project and we resolved several open issues at the meeting organized by the Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlović. As a contractor, I am quite certain that we will finalize the project on time and with the best quality, for the benefit of the citizens of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia”, Yang said.