15.08.19. Cycling lane on state road from Kikinda to Nakovo opened

The bicycle lane from Kikinda to Nakovo in the length of 7,821 metres, on I B category state road no.15, was opened on 14th August, as a part of  the programme “Improvement of Banat connection”.

The project, a part of cross-border collaboration between Serbia and Romania, has been financed  from the Pre-Accession EU IPA funds and was realized in collaboration with PE”Roads of Serbia”, the city of Kikinda, Regional Centre for Banat Development and the Municipality of Žombolj from Romania.

Biljana Vuksanović, executive director of the Sector for Strategy, Design and Development of the PE “Roads of Serbia” stated on that occasion: “With the project documentation for the rehabilitation of this state road and the cycling lane, as well as the construction of the cycling lane, which is of utmost importance for all citizens in the border area, we have achieved the basic goal of the project, improvement of movement and communication among the inhabitants.”

The successful finalization of the project, which also increases the capacity of the border crossing Nakovo Lunga, has improved the road infrastructure in the border area.

“We have upcoming meetings with the Romanian side for the official approval of the functioning of this border crossing in full capacity, in accordance with its possibilities, because those are not only the needs of the citizens, but the economy of this region as well”, said Saša Tanackov, member of the Kikinda City Council.

The complete realization of projects in the road sector in that border area, the improvement of mobility of people and transport of goods will economically strengthen the border settlements of Serbia and Romania.