18.05.19. Start of the works on the section Preljina-Požega on E-763 motorway

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, professor Zorana Mihajlović PhD, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China H.E. Ms Chen Bo, Mayor of Čačak Milun Todorović and Acting Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia” Zoran Drobnjak marked the beginning of the construction of the section Preljina-Požega on E-763 motorway on 18.05.2019.

“On St. Nicolas Day we will be travelling from Belgrade to Čačak for one hour only, and on Vidovdan we will open the section from Obrenovac to Čačak. That is not all because we will start constructing the most difficult section which will include 12 km of tunnels and several bridges. Čačak is the hub in this part of Serbia and it will be connected with Montetegro Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as with Belgrade with the new motorways. During the summer, we will start with the construction of the Moravian corridor from Preljina to Pojate”, President Vučić said.

Deputy Prime Minister stated that all cities develop best when motorways are constructed. “In previous several years we constructed 300 km of motorways, and as factories and plants were built along Corridor X, such a situation will occur here as well. The motorway we are constructing today has the function to serve the people, to stay to live and work in Čačak and Lučani, because Serbia is the country of the greatest beauty.

May the beginning of the works be happy for us and let us be proud of each constructed meter”, Mihajlović highlighted.

Deputy Prime Minister paid due respect to the PR China because we are a part of the global project “One Belt, One Road” reminding that Serbia is one of the first countries to join this initiative.

President has added that motorways are not purposeful by themselves, on the contrary, they bring life to villages and towns, because investors do not go to the locations without roads and where the investments come new jobs appear and better future for our children is created.