19.07.19. Mihajlović after driving on the east branch: All of this you have just seen did not exist two years ago!

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihjalović, PhD had a safari tour today with media representatives on the east branch of Corridor X and she used the opportunity to point out that all the things that journalists and guests on the tour could see on that occasion had not existed two years before. The media had the chance to be the first to go through the entire section.

Mihajlović visited the east branch of the Corridor X with the Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovičić, World Bank Country Manager for Serbia Stephen Ndegwa and the famous race car driver Dušan Borković.

“With the completion of the south branch of the Corridor X through Grdelica we have become the fastest route between the north and the south. When we finish the east branch, we will be the shortest route between the east and the west. Serbia has become an unavoidable transportation route and I am glad that you could see what we constructed in two years. Good roads mean safety on the road, better connection globally, new investments and developed country”, she stated.

Deputy Prime Minister has added that Serbian Government has a stable budget and finances today as well as political stability and projects ready for implementation, thus the experience from the past when the country took loans without prepared design technical documents will not repeat again.

Vanja Udovičić, Minister of Youth and Sports congratulated all participants in the construction of this historical project for the country.

“The motorway we travelled today is our pride and proves that Serbia is becoming an equal part of the Europe and the world. We have shown that we can fight with all obstacles and implement large infrastructural projects”, Udovičić said.

Aleksandar Senić, Director of the Construction Management Sector at the “Koridori Srbije” said that the journalists were the first to have the opportunity today to drive along the newly constructed motorway section from Prosek to Crvena Reka, 22.5 km long.

“I hope that the citizens will be satisfied to use the new motorway constructed pursuant to all safety standards and whose opening will be organized during the autumn”, Senić said.

Stephen Ndegwa highlighted his pleasure that this organization was a part of the project for the construction of Corridor X.

“Importance of Corridor X is huge. It will contribute to better connection of Serbia, increase of safety and improve the economic development of the country. We are impressed by today’s trip and we are glad about the completion and opening of this motorway segment”, Ndegwa stated.

Dušan Borković has stated that as a citizen of Serbia, he is proud of everything that the Government did in previous years concerning roads and being the promoter of safe driving he is quite aware of the significance of the construction of new roads.

“I would like to thank President Vučić and Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlović because she takes care of the benefit for the citizens and invests in infrastructure. The road we travelled today is safe, the scenery is beautiful and personally, as a person who travelled around the globe, I can say it looks worldly”, he said.