19.09.2019. Visiting works on construction of highway from Surčin to Obrenovac – interchange “Surčin”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic PhD. has visited the works on the construction of the highway from Surčin to Obrenovac at the interchange Surčin, on the Belgrade bypass. Minister Mihajlović pointed out that the purpose of this site inspection is for the citizens to see where exactly they will be entering the highway “Miloš Veliki“, which will be “five minutes“ from Belgrade once the works on the interchange are completed in the second half of December this year.

“When we build roads, it is crucial to connect cities and regions, and from 19th December, as promised by the Director-General of Chinese companies “CRBC” and “CCCC” Zhang Xiaoyuan”, Minister MIhajlović pointed out, ”we will be driving on the highway from Belgrade to Čačak in the length of 120 km”. The highway “Miloš Vеliki“ has been connected with the Belgrade bypass, Corridor 10, highway Belgrade-Zagreb as well as the Ostružnica bridge.

The highway is important not only for Serbian citizens, Mihajlović said, but for even better relations between Serbia and PR China.” Mihajlović emphasized that she was very pleased with the work of the companies “CRBC” i “CCCC” on this project, which should be an example to all other Chinese companies working in our country.

The date for the completion of works, 19th December, was confirmed by the Director-General of “CCCC” and “CRBC” Zhang Xiaoyuan.

Slavoljub Tubić, Deputy Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia” said that this project was an example how all future projects should be executed and emphasized that this was a very successful project where the works are being carried out on the highest level, through the team work of the Ministry, local governments, contractors and supervisors.

“Not a single extra dollar was paid, everything is within the deadline and by 19th December this section will be opened for traffic”, Slavoljub Tubić said.

You can watch the video on the following link: