19.12.19. Section Surčin-Obrenovac on Highway "Miloš Veliki" Open for Traffic

Section Surčin-Obrenovac, the first section of the highway Е763, Belgrade-South Adriatic, as a full highway profile, was opened for traffic in the presence of the president of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, the Deputy Prime Minister prof Zorana Mihajlović, PhD., Acting Director Zoran Drobnjak and the Contractor, the Chinese company “CCCC”.

The total length of the section is 17.6 kilometres and has 4 driving and 2 emergency lanes in the total width of 29 m.

Beside the road with a complete infrastructure, the project includes the bridge over the Sava and the Kolubara, the viaduct over the railway Ostružnica-Batajnica, as well as two interchanges Surčin and Obrenovac.

The section comprises the bridge over the rivers Sava and Kolubara in the length of 1,581 metres, the width of 29 metres and 11 bridges more in the length of 11 to 455 metres.

The bridge over the rivers Sava and Kolubara was built out of concrete in the width of a full highway profile and consists of 6 bridge structures, 3 structures per each direction out of which 4 structures are access structures and two represent the main spans over the river bed.

The access bridge from the Surčin side is 415 metres long, the main span is 370 metres and the access structure from the Obrenovac side is 796 metres long.

The bridge is supported by 54 piles, 27 in each direction, while the distance between the piles is 55 metres on access structures. The main span over the river has three parts: two side spans, 96 metres each, and the central span in the length of 178 metres, located on the international waterway.

The height of the main span is around 20 metres above water at average water level.

The section Surčin - Obrenovac lies in the alluvium of the river Sava and connects the areas of city municipalities Surčin and Obrenovac, passing along the settlements Surčin, Jakovo and Boljevac on the left bank, i.e. between the settlements Barič and Mislođin on the right bank of the river Sava.

Two interchanges are parts of the section Surčin - Obrenovac:

Interchange Surčin connects the new highway route with the Belgrade bypass, i.e. with the future road from New Belgrade to Surčin, i.e. from Vojvođanska street and Bulevar Jurija Gagarina street.
Interchange Surčin will be reached, until the connection New Belgrade – Surčin is available, exclusively from the highway Belgrade - Zagreb after the Belgrade Airport (direction towards the Ostružnica bridge) from the Belgrade centre, via Banovo brdo and Ostružnica (route via Ostružnica bridge towards Surčin).

Interchange Obrenovac provides the connection of the new highway with the already constructed route of the highway Miloš Veliki from Obrenovac to Ljig. Interchange Obrenovac will connect the new highway route and the old Obrenovac road.

Several significant modifications were made in the project, and the most important one for the drivers is certainly the decision to exclude this section from the toll collection system.

On the section of the highway Е-763, after the opening of the section from Surčin to Obrenovac, the closed system of toll collection per driven kilometer is still going to be operational, with six toll stations: the frontal ones in Obrenovac and Preljina and the lateral ones in Ub, in Lajkovac, Ljig and Takovo.

The second, very important modification in the project is the new highway exit at Jakovo, being a new and only one on the entire route from Surčin to Obrenovac. The construction of the new exit at Jakovo will provide better functioning of traffic and alleviation of the local road network in Surčin and also a direct economic benefit for the settlements on the highway route.


The significance of the project is reflected in the direct connection of the highway Miloš Veliki with Corridor 10 (via Belgrade bypass, on interchange Surčin), i.e., on the northern side towards Hungary via Novi Sad and Horgoš, and on the western side towards Croatia.

Also, it provides an easier connection of the City of Belgrade with the highway Miloš Veliki, as well as a significant alleviation of traffic on the road Belgrade-Obrenovac.

With the completed sections (Obrenovac - Ub, Ub - Lajkovac, Lajkovac - Ljig and Ljig - Preljina) a full, continuous highway profile from Belgrade to Preljina in the total length of 120 km will be accomplished.