Director Drobnjak visits landslide on road Kragujevac - Batočina

Acting director of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Zoran Drobnjak, visited today, together with the representatives of the Road Company “Kragujevac”, a segment of the road Kragujevac – Batočina, where a landslide has been triggered and announced that the problem would be solved in two and a half months at most.

Drobnjak said that the construction of the expressway Kragujevac – Batočina was started back in 2009, while it was under the purview of the National Investment Plan.

However, he added, since there hadn’t been any works since 2010, it was agreed in the Ministry of Construction that the PE “Roads of Serbia” should be the investor in that project and the Ministry should be the financier.

That’s how, Drobnjak said, the Road Company “Kragujevac” started with the execution of works in 2016.

The road was damaged because the rainwater drainage, constructed in 2009 and 2010, did not function well and the water from that system flooded the road. Besides, Drobnjak stressed that underground water appeared in that part as well, additionally causing a landslide and road damage.

“This part of the road will be quickly remedied, in two to two and a half months”, Drobnjak said, adding that approximately 100 metres of road would be remedied, approximately 40 poles would be placed, a retaining wall would be constructed as well as a slab supporting that wall. The remedy of that part of the road will be a lasting one and there will be no more damage, even in case of underground water.

Traffic is flowing on the stated section on the left side of the carriageway in both directions. Traffic from the direction of Batočina towards Kragujevac has been diverted onto the overtaking lane in the opposite direction, Kragujevac – Batočina.