Works on Section Preljina - Požega in Full Swing

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Tomislav Momirović, together with the Acting Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Mr. ​ Zoran Drobnjak, associates and contractors, visited works on three sections of the motorway from Prеljina to Požеga.

Minister Momirović said that he is satisfied with dynamics of works, and that a number of workers on construction site has been increased to more than eight hundred workers along with engagement of more than two hundred machine units. ​

Mr. Momirović also appealed to the contractors to repair every local road adjacent to the section that has been damaged by heavy machines used for transportation of building materials for construction of the motorway.

,,When we are finished with the segment from Pakovraće to Prеljina, we will significantly relief traffic flow in Čačak. Upon completion of this section, we’re going to also repair all local roads”, the Minister emphasized, and asked inhabitants of this region to be patient while expressing the understanding of their objections, but also remarked that huge infrastructural projects need to be considered as priority since almost a half billion euros is invested in construction of the motorway.

The acting Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Mr. Zoran​ Drobnjak, announced that the Roads of Serbia  in the forthcoming period is going to sign a contract with the city of ​ Čačak and the company “Gradac” for the purpose of repairing the local roads in villages Rakova, Donja Gorеvnica and​ Prijеvor.

,,The section of the Sector 3”, said Drobnjak, “is 11 kilometers long, and the works are in the full swing. We are putting our best efforts to get works completed by the end of December this year, to construct the embankment until the end of June, so that the works on asphalt surfacing could commence on August 15,” Director Zoran Drobnjak explained.