21.02.20. A Get-Together Day with the Press at the 42nd International Tourism Fair in Belgrade

On 21st February, 2020, the PE “Road of Serbia” organized a Get-Together Day with the Press at the 42nd International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, where the Public Enterprise representatives presented new methods of works and planned activities on the modernization of the road sector in Serbia.

Assistant Director of the Sector for Toll Collection, Darko Savić, has pointed out the advantages and the quality of services in the area of electronic toll collection, which is used by an increasing number of drivers. “The information that in 2008 there were 350, and in 2019 alone 385,000 users of ETC devices speaks for itself. Currently as many as two thirds of heavy cargo vehicles use electronic toll collection, which means they do not stop at toll stations, do not emit harmful gases and thus pollute the environment“, Savić has pointed out.
The extension of network of electric vehicle chargers along the existing and newly-constructed highway sections has also been planned as a part of the road modernization in the Republic of Serbia.The PE “Roads of Serbia”, with the help of the Republic of Serbia Government, has been working on this project for several years. Three years ago, five electric chargers were installed on key points on the highway, on border crossings and at Bubanj Potok”, Savić said and announced that three ultra – fast chargers of 175kW are to be purchased soon and 10 fast chargers of 50kW are to be installed, which will cover main routes and transit traffic will be additionally alleviated.  

“With the accelerated completion of Corridor through Serbia, we have completed the construction of all toll stations from Subotica to Preševo, i.e. from Subotica to Dimitrovgrad and put a wholesome closed toll collection system into operation, so that there are no delays thanks to the small number of frontal toll stations.”, Savić emphasized and added that a great increase of ETC users means that from Subotica to Dimitrovgrad or to Preševo one can travel without stopping at toll stations, which testifies to the modern system implemented in accordance with the European directives.

Those visiting the PE “Roads of Serbia” exhibition space will be able to conclude contracts on the purchase or top up electronic toll collection devices and make their journey even easier. Promotional activities have been provided every day, as well as a quiz with prizes and other surprises.