21.08.19. Site visit of the bridge construction works over the river Sava at Ostružnica

Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, PhD, accompanied by the representatives of the PE ”Roads of Serbia”, contractor and designers, visited the bridge construction works over the river Sava at Ostružnica where she attended the placement of the final parts of the bridge structure.

“Citizens of Serbia can be proud because this project is also a proof of the magnitude of the engineering profession. It is important that our engineers and workers operate pursuant to all global solutions and technologies”, Mihajlović stated.

Deputy Prime Minister has added that with the completion of works, new 27 km of motorways will be obtained and that the third section from Ostružnica to Bubanj potok is under construction. Belgrade Bypass will make traffic safer, while heavy vehicles and transit will be diverted from the city centre.

Dubravka Negre, Head of Regional Representation of the European Investment Bank, has pointed out that the construction of the bridge over the river Sava is the confirmation that innovative technologies are applied in this part of Europe as well. “We expect millions of new vehicles in transit and road traffic since this is a pan-European corridor”, Negre stated.

Slavoljub Tubić, Deputy Director of the “Roads of Serbia”, has highlighted that the bridge is constructed pursuant to the entirely new technology and according to the marks of the supervisors, all work items performed so far are of an exceptional quality.

Igor Đurđević, Project Manager, has stated the specificity of the project and the demanding construction technology, unusual for our regions.

“The greatest part of the works is completed, 1.3 km of concrete structures are finished. There are another 200 m in the zone of waterway left waiting for us, however it will be finished in the upcoming months”, he said.

Video can be seen at the following site: http://www.putevi-srbije.rs/index.php/sr/galerija/video-galerija/21-08-19-obilazak-radova-na-izgradnji-mosta-preko-reke-save-kod-ostru%C5%BEnice