The PE “Roads of Serbia” is ready and organized in anticipation of the upcoming New Year’s and Christmas Holidays and increased traffic volume.

As in all previous years, the work of toll stations has been intensified, all channels for toll collection and ticket distribution are operational 24 hours a day and without a minute of break, and a number of toll booth operators has been increased in order to enable unhindered passing of vehicles due to intensified traffic flow on the motorways of the Republic of Serbia.
The PE “Roads of Serbia” has placed on visible spots in zone of toll stations announcements in Serbian, English, German and Turkish languages for drivers to prepare the exact amount of money for toll payment in order to prevent delays.

The fastest way of passing through toll stations is the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), because it significantly reduces travel time and enables drivers to pass through the toll stations without stopping, and at the same time it is a cheaper way of toll payment, because various discounts are granted.

The system currently numbers more than 374.000 users, and this figure rises every year. Every third traffic participant who passes through toll stations pay the toll electronically.

Sale and recharge of ETC devices are performed at 199 points of sale of the PE “Roads of Serbia” and authorized distributors situated along all motorway section in Serbia, at border-crossings and in all bigger towns. At each point of sale the device may be recharged entailing various discounts depending on the amount of money paid.
A list containing points of sale for sale and recharge of ETC devices is available at the web presentation of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, link: 


The PE “Roads of Serbia” has enabled traffic participants to get informed on eventual delays at toll stations, traffic restrictions, carriageway and weather conditions and other necessary information through portals placed along the motorways and the PE “Roads of Serbia” mobile application.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” appeals to all traffic participants to be especially cautious, to obey speed limits, and to adapt their speed to the road conditions.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” wishes to all traffic participants happy New Year and merry Christmas!