Acting director Zoran Drobnjak has stated today that the snow is not a surprise for the road workers and that all state roads of I and II category in the Republic of Serbia, access roads to border crossings and winter tourist centres (mountains Kopaonik, Stara Planina, Zlatibor, Tara, Goč, Divčibare, Brezovica, Zlatar, Crni Vrh…) are passable and that the traffic is normal.

At the moment, second degree of readiness is in force and the teams of road workers are ready to intervene for the purpose of safe traffic.

On the territory of Valjevo municipality, on the sections Divci - Slovac and Valjevo – Kaona, in the settlement Bačevci there is a danger of rocks falling on the road thus it is necessary to limit the speed to 20 km/h. Also, on the territory of Zaječar, minor rockfalls of unstable rock slopes in gorges, cuts, side cuts - Đerdapska magistrala road are possible, where cautious driving is advised as well as compliance with the placed traffic signage.

Fog might appear on certain road routes, especially on the sections along the river courses, valleys, gorges and on the road structures over the rivers.

Acting director Zoran Drobnjak has highlighted that special attention is paid to the organization of winter maintenance of I and II category state roads on the following locations: “Gazela” bridge, crest Bubanj Potok, Begaljičko Brdo, crest “Mečka”, Čestobrodica, Zlatibor, Popadija, Tresibaba, Svetinja, uphill Rušanj and Rudnik on the road Ibarski put, crests on Fruška Gora (Iriški Venac, Banstol), Beška bridge, crest Jaram on the road Berzeće – Kopaonik. Drobnjak states that the PE “Roads of Serbia” has provided special assistance to the local self-governments in recent days regarding snow removal, namely to Ivanjica, Lučani, Guča, Dragačevo, Sjenica, Novi Pazar, Tutin.

PE “Roads of Serbia” appeals to the drivers not to start the journey without winter equipment and chains which are obligatory in hilly and mountainous regions as well as to obey the speed limits and adapt their speed to the road conditions.

Detailed information about the conditions, potential closures, rockfalls, fog, ice and critical sections on the state roads of the Republic of Serbia can be found on the PE “Roads of Serbia” website on the following link http://www.putevi-srbije.rs/index.php/извештај-зимске-службе in real time, on daily basis at 6:00 and 18:00 o’clock and even more frequently in case of outstanding situations.

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