The PE “Roads of Serbia” is ready and organized in expecting the upcoming Easter and Labor Day Holidays, the time period when the traffic flow is intensified.

As in course of all previous years, operations on toll stations have been intensified, and all gates for toll collection and tickets distribution are operational 24 hours a day, without a minute of break. The number of toll booth operators and others employed at toll stations has been increased due to intensified traffic flow on the motorways of the Republic of Serbia.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” has installed on visible places in zone of toll stations the information for drivers to prepare exact amount of money for paying toll written in Serbian, English, German and Turkish in order to reduce delays as much as possible.

The fastest way of passing through toll stations is enabled by the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) which significantly reduces travel time and allows vehicles to pass without stopping, and at the same time it represents a cheaper way to pay toll because  it entails various discounts.

There is currently 298.534 users of ETC devices in the Electronic Toll Collection System, and their number increases every year. Every third traffic participant passing through toll stations pays the toll electronically.

Sale and recharge of ETC devices are performed at 178 points-of-sale located along all motorway sections in Serbia, at border-crossings and in bigger cities. Recharge and various discounts, depending on amount of money paid, are available at every point-of-sale.

The list containing distribution sites for sale and recharge of ETC devices may be downloaded from the web site of the PE „Roads of Serbia“ by clicking the following link: http://www.putevi-srbije.rs/images/pdf/zahtevi/Spisak-distributivnih-mesta-za-prodaju-i-dopunu-uredjaja-za-ENP.pdf

The PE “Roads of Serbia” has enabled traffic participants to get informed on possible delays on toll stations, traffic interruption, pavement condition, weather and other necessary information through gantries and smart phone application of the PE “Roads of Serbia”.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” appeals to all traffic participants to be especially cautious, to obey speed limits and to adapt their speed to the road conditions.

Statement Nikoline Arbutine, Head of the Department for Joint Affairs in Sector for Toll Collection, Link:

The PE “Roads of Serbia” wishes happy upcoming holidays to all traffic participants!