22.07.20. Visiting works on motorway rehabilitation, section: interchange Bačka Topola - interchange Sirig

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlović, PhD, the Mayor of Novi Sad and the Acting Director of the PE”Roads of Serbia”, Zoran Drobnjak, have visited rehabilitation works on the motorway, from the interchange Bačka Topola to the interchange Sirig. 

Minister Mihajlović said that 65 km of motorway, from Belgrade to Subotica, are being rehabilitated and that the section from Bačka Topola to the interchange Sirig has been completed for the most part, announcing that, by mid-August, the remaining 10.5 km would be completed. “It is important that roads are maintained and that large construction sites work“, she pointed out.

Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlović added that the value of the present and the planned investments in Vojvodina is five billion euros. 

“Beside the modernization of the railway Belgrade – Budapest, Fruška Gora Corridor will also be done. Everything is ready, the loan has been approved, the documentation completed, the state has provided guarantees and, after the contract has been signed, the works can go ahead”, she said. 

Miloš Vučević said that he was happy to see how much was being done in entire Vojvodina and Serbia, and that, by completing this section, a more attractive access to Novi Sad, from the direction of Subotica and Hungary, would be obtained. 

Zoran Drobnjak said that this was one of 26 sections with works in progress on motorways in Serbia. 

“More than 24 km has been done, another 10.5 km remain. The value of the works is approximately 10 million euros. This year, we will pave around 200 km of motorways”, he added