Regarding the repeated case of traffic participants using the same toll station “Niš North” for both entering and exiting the highway, the PE “Roads of Serbia” is informing as follows:

On Thursday, 16.01.2020, in the city of Niš zone, 4 new toll stations were opened, as a part of the functional unit within the closed system for toll collection from Belgrade to Preševo, i.e. from Belgrade to Dimitrovgrad.

The closed toll collection system is a more equitable payment system recommended by the European Union directives and applied in the majority of European countries where toll is paid on the basis of travelled kilometre, i.e., only for the part of the road being used.

Therefore, it is not possible to determine the number of travelled kilometres with vehicles which, after having left a certain toll station, returned to the exact same one. When, for example, a traffic participant takes a magnetic card at the toll station “Beograd“ and exits at the toll station “Smederevo“, one can precisely determine how many kilometres he/she has travelled and the basis on which the toll was calculated, whereas in cases where vehicles return to the same toll station where they entered the highway, it is not possible to determine the number of travelled kilometres in any way. For that reason, toll collection per travelled kilometre cannot be performed, but the beforehand determined price for the longest route and the extraordinary procedure costs are applied.

Beside the announcement sent by the PE “Roads of Serbia“ to the media on 20th January, informing the public on the toll collection procedure in that specific case, possible solutions for overcoming the current situation will be considered.

The new toll collection system has enabled the existence of only two frontal toll stations from Belgrade to the border with Bulgaria, instead of four, which existed in the old toll collection system.

Also, in the direction towards the Republic of North Macedonia, the number of frontal toll station has been reduced from four to two, which has speeded up the traffic flow on the Corridor 10.

You may hear the statement given by Darko Savić, Assistent Executive Director of the Sector for Toll Collection at the following link: