As a guest in the Morning Programme at the Radio Television of Serbia, acting director Zoran Drobnjak stated that the toll was expected to increase in the amount of 12% on Serbian roads at the beginning of August, after the adoption of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Drobnjak said that the main reason for toll increase was the lack of funds for good quality maintenance of 16,221 km of roads, highlighting that the present toll amount was the lowest in the region and adding that the payment of toll per km was the fairest system, because a person should pay only the travelled number of km.

“This year, we expect 60 million vehicles on Serbian motorways” Drobnjak stated adding that the revenues from toll collection would be about RSD 26.883 billion dinars.

During the construction season from April to November, the “Roads of Serbia” perform works on numerous sections and it is taken into account that the works incur minimal delays. “Works on the motorway will be finished until Friday, while delays are only on toll stations Nais and Doljevac, which will be eliminated within a year”, Drobnjak added.

We are constructing Belgrade Bypass and within three years Batajnica and Bubanj Potok will be connected, construction works on the section Surčin-Obrenovac on Corridor XI are ongoing, E-70 motorway section Batrovci-Kuzmin, 22 km long will be on the schedule after the completion of the tourist season, Drobnjak states.

Road workers also perform the works on the following state road sections, namely, Brza Palanka – Kladovo, Svođa – Vlasotince, Pakovraća –Užice, Užice - Bela Zemlja, Irig – Ruma, Sjenica – Prijepolje, Lebane – Bojnik, Lebane – Medveđa, Smederevska Palanka - Velika Plana, Majdanpek – Kučevo, Bor – Zaječar, and after the completion of the procedure for selecting the contractor for the road near Leskovac, the works on that section will start about August 20th….

“Presently, the works are ongoing on more than 500 km of state roads and more than 100 km of local roads”, Drobnjak highlighted.

Drobnjak added that, concerning Moravian corridor, designs for the sections Pojate – Kruševac, 27 km and Preljina – Adrani (Kraljevo), 30 km are finished and that on these sections the works can start, and that the design for the remaining segment of 51-52 km from Kruševac to Kraljevo will be finished very soon.

At the end of his guest visit, Drobnjak pointed out that the Government, together with the World Bank, invests USD 40 million for the expansion of border crossings in order to mitigate the crowds.