During the weekend, representatives of the PE "Roads of Serbia" promoted electronic toll collection and the campaign for raising the awareness of drivers, "3 Seconds, a Whole Life", at the authorized distributors' sales points on the motorway Novi Sad - Belgrade.

Visitors of the petrol stations "Beška 1" ОМV SRBIJA DOO and "Novi Sad 16“ NIS AD, had the opportunity, through talking with the representatives of the Sector for Toll Collection, to get information and answers to all the questions related to the electronic toll collection, talk about their experiences, make suggestions and compliments, as well as buy or top up their ETC devices.

The drivers had their ETC devices installed in their vehicles after the purchase and were given explanations how to use them and top them up. All participants at the promotion were informed on the mobile application "Roads of Serbia", the electric chargers and other topicalities concerning the improvement of the toll collection system.

Representatives of the Department for Public Relations have, through the promotion of the educational campaign for raising the awareness of drivers and improvement of traffic safety, pointed out to the drivers the significance of responsible behaviour in traffic and keeping a safe distance between vehicles.

Drivers were introduced with statistical data related to traffic accidents as consequences of insufficient following distance and flyers were also handed out, depicting a safe following distance for different categories of vehicles when driving at the speed of 90 kilometres per hour.

Visitors have been invited to see and hear the spots of the PE "Roads of Serbia" for the campaign "3 Seconds, a Whole Life", on television and radio stations.

"Roads of Serbia" will continue with the promotions the following weekend at other sales points of the authorized distributors.