As regards publications in some media and allegations that "a big hole opened on the road Kraljevo-Kragujevac in the village of Pečenog", PE "Roads of Serbia" hereby informs the public that the hole in the substructure of IB Category state road No. 24, section Kragujevac-Kraljevo was temporarily repaired i.e. filled with stone aggregate for the purpose of safe traffic, immediately after the occurrence, as soon as possible, in the afternoon on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019.

The complete repair of the damage on the aforementioned section will be completed during the next day.

Please note that, due to road surface damage caused by a breakdown of the pipe culvert due to heavy rain, vehicles are moving via the right traffic lane on this part of the road in the length of 50 meters, in alternating pattern, according to the placed traffic signalization.