25.09.19. PE “Roads of Serbia” supports the European Day Without A Road Death - Zero is much more than a number

PE “Roads of Serbia” will support the European Day Without A Road Death on Thursday, 26 September 2019.

The European Day Without A Road Death, namely the EDWARD project enters into the fourth year of implementation and the purpose is one day without fatalities in traffic.

The Project has been initiated by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) and supported by the European Commission.

PE “Roads of Serbia” appeals to all participants in traffic to take into consideration all risks in driving, manners for their reduction and at the same time to increase the safety measures.

Cautious driving makes each day a day without fatalities in traffic!

For the purpose of informing the public, on Thursday, 26 September 2019, the PE “Roads of Serbia” will use the gantries along the Serbian motorways with variable message signs to exhibit the following warning messages:

  • Drive carefully for a Day Without A Road Death
  • No speed, alcohol, phones
  • Safety is your responsibility, not of the others


Video clip The EDWARD project