26.12.19. President of Serbia visits reconstructed road Velika Plana – Smederevska Palanka

The President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, together with the Acting Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia“ Zoran Drobnjak and the representatives of contractors, has visited the reconstructed II A category state road no.147 Velika Plana – Smederevska Palanka and and talked to the gathered citizens in Velika Plana.

The total length of the rehabilitated II A category state road no.147, the section from Smederevska Palanka to Velika Plana, is 9.83 km. Although classified as reconstruction, the scope of the executed works is such that a practically new road was constructed. The works commenced on 19th June 2019, and completed on 25th December 2019.    

A new bridge over the creek Guberaš, damaged by floods, was constructed on the same section. The new bridge, 21 metres long, consists of a slab 15 metres long and transition slabs 6 metres long.

New asphalt has been laid and footpaths and a railing have been constructed on the bridge over the river Jasenica.

On the first 6 kilometres of the road the carriageway construction has been entirely replaced, complete horizontal and vertical signage and road equipment have been installed, while at 3.83 metres the asphalting has been carried out and new horizontal and vertical traffic signage and road equipment have been installed.

The total value of all executed works is 598.76 million dinars (excluding VAT).

The road from Smederevska Palanka to Velika Plana, on the territory of the municipality Smederevska Palanka, was last reconstructed in 1983, while on one part of the road, on the municipality Velika Plana territory, the works were last executed in 2003 and 2008.

The remaining 3.43 km of the road section passing through Smederevska Palanka will be done at the beginning of the new construction season.