27.03.19. “Roads of Serbia” and the journalists at the 54th International Motor Show

On Tuesday, 26.03.2019, on its stand at the International Motor Show, PE “Roads of Serbia” organized an informal gathering with the journalists during which the representatives of the Enterprise and the Sector for Toll Collection provided information in informal discussions not only with the journalists but also with the visitors of the Motor Show about all benefits enabled by the modernization projects of the road sector and improvement of the toll collection system.

Assistant to Executive Director of the Sector for Toll Collection at the PE “Roads of Serbia” Darko Savić informed numerous journalists about the advantages of electronic toll collection and other significant contents for road users, such as chargers for electric vehicles, free Wi-Fi along motorway sections, “Roads of Serbia” application for mobile phones and announced the installation of video cameras along the motorways.

“We are in the phase of pilot project for the implementation of video-surveillance, which foresees the installation of 56 cameras on 14 gantries on the motorway section Belgrade - Niš and one of the function of the cameras is the measurement of average speed by sections”, Savić stated. 

We have a significant increase of the users of electronic toll collection, Savić says, highlighting that presently we have almost 300,000 users in the system for electronic toll collection and adds that practically every third passenger vehicle uses ETC, while the share of freight vehicles using electronic toll collection is as much as 70.94% of the total traffic of freight vehicles.

The share of electronic toll collection in the total revenues shows a constant increase and for the previous year it amounted to 45.51%, Savić added.

PE “Roads of Serbia” plans the installation of additional 10 fast electric chargers along the tolled motorways, Darko Savić announced to the journalists gathered at the stand of the PE “Roads of Serbia”.

This, third appearance of the PE “Roads of Serbia” at the International Motor Show has justified the expectations. Both journalists and visitors were quite interested.

Statement of Darko Savić, Assistant to Executive Director of the Sector for Toll Collection can be seen on the following link: