PE “Roads of Serbia” shall hereby appeal to all road users to take special care while driving and adjust their speed to suit the road conditions because pursuant to the warning issued by the Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia, today, on January 28, 2019 in mountainous regions and in the areas of Košava wind, especially in the south of Banat, south and southeast strong wind is expected, with stormy wind in some areas.

Temperature rise, strong wind and occasional rain will intensify snow cover melting in lower regions, while blizzards and snow drifts are expected on high mountains.

Also, according to the warning, occasional freezing rain is expected in the territory of east Serbia today afternoon, January 28, 2019. During the night between Monday and Tuesday, on January 28/29, 2019, and tomorrow morning, January 29, 2019, freezing rain is expected in the Banat region as well as in some parts of Belgrade.

Teams of road workers are on site and are prepared to respond as necessary.

Drivers are advised to use winter tires, obey speed limits and adjust their speed to suit the winter road conditions.