Remedy of landslide on state road Kragujevac - Batočina

PE “Roads of Serbia” is informing that on the segment of I B category state road no. 24, on the section Batočina – Kragujevac, on the location Nikšićko brdo (Nikšić Hill), landslide has been activated, causing the damage of the right traffic lane in the direction of Kragujevac.

Traffic is flowing in the left traffic lane while the right one has been closed for traffic, in accordance with the provided temporary traffic signage.

The representatives of the PE “Roads of Serbia” and the “Institute for Testing of Materials of Serbia“  went out for an inspection on the site to look into the matter and suggest remedial measures.

PE “Roads of Serbia” has taken all necessary precautions for safe traffic flow and issued an order for the execution of urgent and immediate preliminary works on the landslide.

The construction of this section, started in 2009, was within the framework of the NIP (National Investment Plan), and the PE “Roads of Serbia” took over the construction followin the order in 2014.

PE “Roads of Serbia” is appealing to all traffic participants to be particularly cautious in the landslide zone, obey the temporary traffic signage and adapt their speed to the road conditions.