“Roads of Serbiaare ready and well-organized for the upcoming holidays, when increased intensity of traffic is expected on the Serbian motorways.

The work of toll stations has been intensified, with all booths for tolling and distribution of cards in operation 24 hours a day without a break. The number of tolling operators at the toll stations has been increased in order to enable uninterrupted passing of vehicles due to heavier traffic on the motorways in the Republic of Serbia.

The fastest passing through toll stations is enabled by the electronic toll collection (ETC), which significantly reduces travel time and enables the passing of vehicles without stopping, and at the same time represents the cheapest method of toll payment.

Traffic participants are informed in real time on possible delays at toll stations, traffic closures, road conditions, weather and other necessary pieces of information through variable message signs on the motorways and applications of the “Roads of Serbia” for mobile phones.

You may find detailed information on the conditions of the Republic of Serbia state roads in real time on the Internet presentation of the PE „Roads of Serbia" on the following link

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PE “Roads of Serbia“ is appealing to all traffic participants to adapt their speed to the road conditions, keep a safe distance and observe the traffic signage.

PE “Roads of Serbia” wishes a happy Easter and the 1st May holidays to all traffic participants!

Statement of Nikola Arbutina: