PE “Roads of Serbia is informing the public that, in recent days, on I B category state road no.13, on the section from the interchange “Kovilovo” to the intersection leading to Padinska Skela, vertical traffic signage worth almost five million dinars has been damaged.

63 traffic signs have been damaged in total, 12 triangular ones, 35 circular ones, 6 square ones and 10 rectangular ones, as well as 22 signs for traffic control and regulation.

The annual value of the stolen, damaged and destroyed traffic signs, signposts and other traffic signage is over 140 million dinars, i.e. more than one million euros on the entire Republic of Serbia territory.

With the average value of traffic signs, i.e. signposts, thousands of traffic signs and signposts are stolen every year.

Taking into consideration the fact that the price of pavement of 1 km of road is approximately 12 million dinars on average, we can conclude that we could rehabilitate 12 km of road every year for the amount spent on the stolen and damaged traffic signage.

We would like to emphasize that theft, removal or damage of traffic signage and equipment reduces safety and directly endangers lives of traffic participants, therefore penalties for such criminal acts should be more severe!

Roads, traffic signage and equipment are public assets.  

Public assets belong to all citizens, which is a reason more for all of us to jointly take active part in the preservation of common property.

PE “Roads of Serbia“ is appealing to all relevant institutions, the media and citizens themselves to join the action that would help the protection of material resources invested in the construction and maintenance of the Republic of Serbia roads, with the aim of enabling uninterrupted and safe traffic flow.  

You may download the statement given by the Executive Director of the Sector for Maintenance of I and II Category Roads, Zoran Stojisavljević, at the following link: https://www.putevi-srbije.rs/index.php/sr/galerija/video-galerija/29-06-20-uni%C5%A1tavanje-saobra%C4%87ajne-signalizacije-na-petlji-kovilovo