Regarding the text on the web page Istinomer, posted on 28.08.2019 concerning the construction of the bridge across the river Sava at Ostružnica, with the aim of unbiased and precise informing of the public, the PE “Roads of Serbia” is providing the following information:

In the course of the preliminary works in the Sava river bed, the Contractor suspected the presence of unexploded mines in the river bed.

The company Sea Terra GmbH performed the survey and mapping of the river Sava bottom in the bridge zone and submitted the recording on 03.05.2017.

The recording of the river bottom located 188 critical steel masses (around 300 tons of steel on the very bottom) after the first sounding of the river Sava bed.

The analysis of the price and the time needed to clean the bottom to the required depth of 14 m and remove the steel material, showed that the value of the bridge construction would thus be exceeded and would also last from 5 to 7 years.

After the performed analysis, the Investor gave an emergency order for the changing of the Method Statement on 18.05.2019 with the order to fully preserve the previously constructed steel structure and the cut out steel plates and as such incorporate them into the new Method Statement for the bridge construction.

The execution of works using the changed Method Statement with the changed and amended Construction Design was submitted in full by the Contractor on 03.04.2018.

Twelve months passed in the period from the issuance of the order for the change of the Method Statement until the said Method was adopted, wherein the production of steel structures in the Batajnica and Niš production lines did not stop working at any moment.

In that period, the amendment and change of a part of the Construction Design was carried out, the expert control of the Design was performed, the load-bearing capacity and stability check in all phases of the structure assembly was performed and also a simulation of the structure behaviour in time and space and in different but necessary conditions was carried out.

It should be noted that, in the period from 18.05.2017, the participants in the construction themselves could not know when the conditions for the continuance of the works could be met, and especially not the relevant Ministry which had been monitoring the achieved works dynamics until that moment.

Using the engineering vocabulary, it can be said that all the construction principles have been effectuated: minimal increase of the Design cost, stability and load-bearing with the designed methodologies, all with the aim of safety and protection of health at work.

After the analysis of the prices and deadlines, the Investor approved the order for the change of the Design on 01.06.2018, when the works were formally and legally continued using the new technology.

It is important to note that the works are being carried out in line with the FIDIC regulations which contain strict procedures and deadlines for their execution.

We would like to emphasize that the European Investment Bank has fully acknowledged all the reasons for the extension of the deadline as justified and has not charged a single euro as a penalty fee!