30.09.19. Visiting section under construction Belgrade bypass - from Ostružnica to Bubanj potok

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, PhD., visited the works on the construction of the Belgrade bypass, the section from Ostružnica to Bubanj potok and the works on the reconstruction of the railway Jajinci – Mala Krsna on 30.09.2019.

Slavoljub Tubić, assistant director of the PE “Roads of Serbia“ emphasized that the works on the construction of the Belgrade bypass are being carried out on the entire route, on all sectors – 4,5 and 6, from Ostružnica to Bubanj potok and that the gross value of the works is 207 million euros.

“Sector 6, where we are right now“, Tubić said, “is exactly one of the hardest segments of the section due to the instability of the terrain and the intersecting of the route with the railway“, and also stated that the company has been intensively working with the enterprise “Serbian Railways Infrastructure“ because it is, practically, a joint endeavour.

“We are working on the construction of the second tube of the tunnel Straževica and, especially important", Tubić said, “Sector 4, the closest to Ibarska magistrala road, which will move the heavy traffic, will be completed in September next year, before the foreseen deadline".

The assistant director of the PE “Roads of Serbia” stated that the deadline for the completion of the other two sectors of the Belgrade bypass, Sectors 5 and 6, is September 2022.

Ms. Mihajlović pointed out that exactly the connection of various types of transport is of vital importance for the development of Serbia, and emphasized that, Serbian railways, which are a strategic preference of the Serbian government beside the road infrastructure, had not been invested in until 2014.

"We have returned the railways onto the map of Europe, like we did with the road routes", Minister Mihajlović said and added that she expected that, regarding the road traffic, in comparison with 2014, when 37 million vehicles used the toll roads, we will have 60 million vehicles more by the end of 2019.

Miroljub Jeftić, director of “Serbian Railways Infrastructure", said that the value of the works on the section Jajinci - Mala Krsna was 39.2 million euros.
Yang Bo, director of the Chinese company “Power China" for Europe, thanked the Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry for the opportunity this company was given to take part in such a big project, important for Serbia.

The video footage and the statement of Slavoljub Tubić, assistant director of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, may be watched on the following link: Obilazak radova na Obilaznici oko Beograda.