30.11.19.Two power substations raided and damaged on highway in Dobanovac interchange zone

PE “Roads of Serbia” is informing the public that two power substations have been raided and damaged on I A category state road no.3 in the zone of Dobanovac interchange, which caused a part of the public lighting installations to shut down.

PE “Roads of Serbia” and the Contractor “Južna Bačka”, Novi Sad, have informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the incident.

The activities on the remedy of the raided and damaged power substations are under way and we expect the works to be completed in the shortest possible time.

We appeal to all traffic participants to be particularly cautious in the zone of Dobanovac interchange and adapt their speed to road conditions.

Theft of traffic signage and equipment from power substations have a direct impact on traffic safety and puts lives of traffic participants in danger.

We should take good care of traffic signage and equipment because they provide uninterrupted and safe traffic flow!