18.07.14 Information on successful follow-up audit and extension of certificate ISO 9001:2008

We are informing the public that the certifying body TMS (Cooperation partner TUV SUD) gave a positive assessment and confirmation for extension of certificate in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 within the follow-up audit carried out in the PE “Roads of Serbia” in early July. The follow-up audit was assessed as very successful and demonstrated a high-level conformity of the complex system of the PE “Roads of Serbia” with the standard’s requirements.

After the report made by the evaluator from the certifying company TMS, the improvement of all business functions and processes was presented.

The faster, more transparent and more efficient communication with users is established through the Department for Public Relations, while the Sector for Toll Collection, wherein the Customer Service is opened, is at the disposal to road users. The Sector for Maintenance of I and II Category State Roads responded extremely efficiently after the natural disaster, i.e. floods, by preparation of study on flood-prone areas and related to ranking priorities in the rehabilitation process. Good models for reporting on achievement of quality objectives, defined for every level and every business function, are established (thus establishing methodology of management by objectives on the level of the entire enterprise).  The proactive activities related to taking over of modern supervision of tunnels following the requests for system inspection, preparation of necessary documentation and procedures are praised. Significant improvement of procedures, better definition of quality objectives, as well as efficient application of quality demands in realization of business functions are also assessed in certain sectors of the enterprise – the Sector for Strategy, Designing and Development, the Sector for Legal, Staff and Common Affairs, the Sector for Investments, and the Sector for Economic, Financial and Commercial Affairs as well.

Through recommendations for such a complex system, the necessity for organizational strengthening of the quality system through vital cooperative functions is pointed out. Likewise, the accent relating the future improvement of quality system will concern the compliance with the requests of the standard ISO 9001, whose audit is expected to be performed in 2015, with innovations arising from real necessities of the modern business, and whose introduction into business operation of the PE “Roads of Serbia” is indispensable.