During forthcoming holiday the PE “Roads of Serbia” and the Sector for Toll Collection will intensify operations on toll stations in order to ensure undisturbed traffic flow because of increased traffic on the roads in the Republic of Serbia, especially on tolled motorways.  

In order to provide more effective performance of delegated tasks, prevent congestion and enable faster traffic flow on toll stations, the following preparations have been made:

• All channels for toll collection, as well as card distribution, will be active 24 hours without a break.

• In the periods of intensified traffic the card will be occasionally dealt for motorway entrance on every toll station.

• On all bigger toll stations, if there is a technical support, additional reversible lanes will be occasionally opened.

• In the periods with expectant increase in number of vehicles, security will have a task to divert traffic participants to free lanes with toll collection or card distribution in order to facilitate vehicle flow through toll station zone.

• The portals shall inform traffic participants about eventual delays at toll plazas, condition of carriageway, weather conditions, etc.

• Toll collectors will have at their disposal enough small notes for giving back change.

• All Sector chiefs and their assistants will be on duty on site, visiting toll stations and controlling organization of activities.

• The special performance regime of workers within technical service is organized in order to eliminate malfunctions as soon as possible.

Traffic participants can pay toll in dinars (participants with domestic and foreign license plates), euros (participants with foreign license plates), by payment cards, or electronic toll collection (without stopping).

We are appealing to domestic traffic participants to prepare the exact amount of money for paying toll because of faster passing through toll stations, and in accordance with their possibilities to avoid afternoon hours of the last day of holiday for returning to their homes, and rather try to do it steadily in order to evade longer delays.