22.12.16. Intensified work of the Sector for Toll Collection for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays

PE “Roads of Serbia” and Sector for Toll Collection are ready for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, as these are the periods with increased traffic volume on the motorways in the Republic of Serbia.

PE “Roads of Serbia” has intensified the work on toll stations in order to provide faster passing of the vehicles, prevent delays and more efficient work. All gates for toll collection and tickets distribution are operational 24 hours a day without a minute of break, the number of toll booth operators is increased and special working regime of the technical department is organized so that potential sudden malfunctions could be eliminated as soon as possible.

PE “Roads of Serbia” has enabled the participants in traffic to get information on the motorway gantries about potential delays on toll stations, traffic closures, pavement condition, weather conditions and other necessary information.

Information for the drivers to prepare exact amount of money for paying toll are placed on visible places, written in English, German and Turkish in addition to Serbian. Toll booth operators are provided with sufficient amount of small banknotes and coins for the change.

Road users can pay toll in dinars (for owners of vehicles with national and foreign license plates), in euro (for owners of vehicles with foreign license plates), by payment cards and by electronic toll collection (TAG device, without stopping).

Electronic toll collection is becoming increasingly popular on our motorways. This modern model of toll payment by using TAG devices significantly reduces travel time because it enables vehicles to pass without stopping on separate toll lanes which exist on all major toll stations in the Republic of Serbia.

About 125000 TAG devices are presently active in electronic toll collection system, while the number of transactions increased by 57.3 % in 2016.

TAGs are sold and recharged on 60 selling points which are located along all motorway sections in Serbia, on border crossings and in bigger towns through the distribution network such as petrol stations NIS Gasprom, OMV, Europetrol, Petrol, AMSS offices and Tehnokop.

PE “Roads of Serbia” appeals to drivers to start their journey fresh, to use winter tires, to obey speed limits healthy and to adapt their speed to the road conditions. Participants in traffic are advised to be very careful during evening and morning hours because of possible low temperatures and ice.

PE “Roads of Serbia” wishes a safe trip to all participants in traffic and merry upcoming holidays!