Competition of children’s drawings for the subject “My Planet”

After last year, when the floods imposed a different rhythm of work for the PE “Roads of Serbia”, the traditional competition of children’s drawings continued this year.
All children of the employees up to 12 years of age had the right to participate, as has always been the case, and this year the young artists made drawings for the subject “My Planet”. 
A lot of wonderful works of art was submitted and the committee decided to award the first, second and third prize for each of the three age groups as well as the prizes for inventiveness and the special prize “The Youngest Competitor”.

The first place in all three age groups was awarded to: 
- Milica Radović (up to 6 years old), 
- Nađa Stanovčić (7-9 years old) and 
- Mila Janjić (10-12 years old).

Prizes for inventiveness were awarded to: 
- Danilo Stanovčić (up to 6 years old), 
- Kristijan Ljušić (7-9 years old) and 
- Petković Dušan (10-12 years old).

“The Youngest Competitor” prize was awarded to Andrea Mitrović (3 years old).

The winner of the 2015 competition was selected among the first prizes – it was Mila Janjić.

The awarded drawings embellish the calendar and New Year greeting card of the PE “Roads of Serbia”. We are delighted to receive all future joyful gatherings with our kids!

ico-download Award of the prizes to the winners of the competition “My Planet”