The PE “Roads of Serbia” Winner of the National Award for Business Excellence - Quality Oscar 2020, in the Public Sector Category as the Excellence Champion

On this year’s contest of the National Award for Business Excellence – “Quality Oscar”, the PE “Roads of Serbia” has won the highest reward „Champion of the Business Excellence“. In overall placement, the PE „Roads of Serbia“  won more than 750 points in course of verification conducted on October 16, 2020.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” is the first big enterprise from the public sector which won an award that has added significance, because it was gained in complex circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a very heavy competition, when represented its Integrated Management System, the PE „Roads of Serbia“ successfully presented its business processes and results achieved in nine fields: Leadership, Strategy, Potential of the Organization, Processes and Technologies, Market and Users, Business Results, Satisfaction of the Employees, Satisfaction of the Users and Social Responsibility.

This prestigious award is granted by the Foundation for Quality Culture and Excellence - FQCE, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce during traditional annual counseling „With Quality into the World“ which gathers distinguished experts from the fields of quality and business excellence from Serbia and neighboring countries.

Neutral and independent award is granted for fulfilment of very demanding competition criteria, and exclusively based on achieved and presented results, and it stands for confirmation of permanent orientation of the Enterprise towards busines excellence and incentive for further development of overall circumstances for business improvement. This acknowledgement also represents strong motivational factor for all the employees in the PE „Roads of Serbia“ to continue with further nourishment of established and adopted business criteria.

The National Award for Business Excellence – Quality Oscar is awarded for 26 years now to profit and non-profit organizations for achieved outstanding results in development and improvement of organizational and business excellence. So far, this award has been gained by the best enterprises and institutions in Serbia, such as: „Naftna Industrija Srbije“, „Energoprojekt Hidroinženjering“,  the Arms Industry „Prvi Partizan“ – Užice, „Military Technical Institute“, „Aviation Academy“ , „Public Health Institute“, „Main Office for Measurement and Precious Metals“, „Airport Nikola Tesla“, Institute for Standardization of Serbia, and many others.

This award has also been established in the whole world, and is rewarded to the best in the field of quality and business excellence in the most developed countries in the world.

This year’s award is the third Quality Oscar for the PE „Roads of Serbia“, since it was declared excellent in 2017 in 3 categories – Partnership and Resources, Results Achieved with Users and Strategy, and in 2014 in a category Partnership and Resources.

Video material from today’s award ceremony is available at the following link:

Corporate movie of the Enterprise for the Quality Oscar 2020: